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Our 200-hour Teacher Training Program is designed to give yoga students the tools and knowledge to deepen their own practice and share the practice with others. Our intention is to grow great teachers who embody the values of integrity, community, and embracing one’s higher self. Our teaching methodology is based in hot vinyasa yoga with modules focused on anatomy and physiology, the eight limbs of yoga, meditation, and sequencing.

Our program is intentionally limited to a small class of students.

Participating in this 6-month program has been an exceptional academic and personal growth journey for me. The curriculum and materials were thoughtfully designed, offering a diverse exploration of topics—from history, language, business practices, culture-specific history, and significant issues in the yoga community to in-depth studies of anatomy, postures, and teachings from various yoga traditions. Both the founder and lead instructor consistently challenged our thinking and provided access to a range of knowledgeable mentors within the staff. The intentional discussions and relationship-building aspects of the program were instrumental in my personal development, pushing me to critically examine my philosophy and perspectives. The program's requirements were not only engaging and achievable but also appropriately demanding, motivating me to plan, forecast, and commit dedicated time to my training. I would enthusiastically repeat this training without hesitation and eagerly anticipate future opportunities for teaching or continuing education units (CEUs) from Rising Sol Yoga Community. This experience has truly enriched my journey and deepened my passion for yoga education, practice, and my own practice/self study.

Sara K., Class of 2024

Module Dates + Times

Program Requirements

2025 dates coming soon!
-100% participation in all modules
-90 practice hours at Rising Sol Yoga School
-Mentor teaching
-Class observations
-Passing grade on final exam
-Successful 60-minute practicum
Registration in teacher training does not guarantee receipt of a teacher training certificate. Completion of teacher training requires attendance at all sessions, completion of all assignments, full tuition payment, and proficiency in training materials and teaching methodologies as assessed by program lead in their sole discretion. 

Tuition Investment

Non-refundable Deposit: $300

Early Bird: $3,200 by September 1

Regular: $3,500

Once your application has been accepted, your $300 non-refundable deposit will hold your space. Deposit will be deducted from final tuition payment.

Yoga classes and workshops are not included as part of the program cost.
Scholarship Opportunity: One 50% scholarship offered by Rising Sol Yoga School is reserved for a member of the BIPOC community. This scholarship is a small way to decenter whiteness in wellness spaces and encourage a more diverse yoga community.

Our next Teacher Training program will begin January 2025. 

400 North Henry St.
Alexandria, VA 

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